You see them everywhere. ‘Artists’. ‘Musicians’. ‘Graphic Designers’. I prefer to view the idea of a ‘creative’ rather differently. I think, to be creative is to allow everything to influence you, and for your personal motivations to respond spontaneously to everything – it is for this reason that I prefer not to label myself as any one particular thing.

My practice is the production of ideas that challenge or enhance previous conceptions and beliefs about the world we see around us. A sound can influence a visual image, and a visual image can provoke an emotion. What an interesting – and powerful – connection. I believe that to deny or restrict any creative practice on the basis of genre or category is to essentially limit potentially startling and exciting ideas. Therefore I leave myself vulnerable to ideas of all shapes and sizes, from any unexpected – or expected –  place.

Design can create music. Art can create design. Sound can create visuals. I think we have to start being braver about all of this.

It is with this thought that I continue to imagine what wonderful things could be made to change the human experience. After all, that’s what it’s about isn’t it? We create in order to attract, seduce, influence, persuade, surprise, horrify, and delight our fellow human. It’s just an interaction. Thus, what a shame it would be if we didn’t let our genres interact once in a while…